10. Riverside, California

Looking to live the Los Angeles lifestyle on a more affordable budget? Riverside, California, is located one hour east of the City of Angels and offers a median home price at $475,050. According to Realtor.com, first-time buyers and young families are flocking to Riverside to take advantage of the good schools, larger homes and roomier plots.

9. Denver, Colorado

Denver decks the competition, sliding into the ninth-hottest housing market spot in the country. The average median home price is $520k and Realtor.com predicts an anticipated home price increase of 5.4% in 2021. Homeowners in Denver enjoy hiking the Rocky Mountains, hitting the ski slopes and dining at world-class restaurants.

8. Oxnard, California

Homeowners in Oxnard, California, enjoy a mix of farmland and luxurious coastal living just an hour outside of sunny Los Angeles. The median home price in Oxnard is $824k and Realtor.com expects those prices to rise by 5.5% in 2021. Bonus? Homebuyers’ budgets go much farther in Oxnard. Realtor.com says homebuyers pay a median of $413 per square foot compared to the median $556 per square foot in Los Angeles.

7. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Location, location, location. Homeowners in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, enjoy close proximity to four major cities: Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington and New York. Best part? The median home price in Harrisburg is $262k – making it one of the most affordable housing markets on the list. Be sure to buy soon, though, because Realtor.com predicts Harrisburg home prices will increase by 3.8% in 2021.

6. Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is gaining popularity with homebuyers of all ages thanks to its comfortable climate, hot restaurant scene, trendy shopping and luxurious amenities. The median home price in Phoenix is $412,260 and Realtor.com expects the popular city to see home prices to rise by 7% in 2021.

5. Seattle, Washington

Are we really surprised that the motherland of Starbucks is predicted to have a hot, steamy housing market? The mocha-mecca also boasts a booming tech scene and is close to water and mountains. The average Seattle home price is $629,050 and Realtor.com forecasts those prices to rise by 9.7% in 2021.

4. Boise, Idaho

Boise, Idaho, has more to offer than potatoes, friend. The bustling city has gained popularity thanks to its metropolitan amenities, flourishing tech market, and plentiful outdoor activities. The average home price in Boise is $445k and the economic pros at Realtor.com predict a 9.1% increase in the year ahead.

3. Charlotte, North Carolina

The Queen City is prime picking for putting down your southern roots. Charlotte is known as a top financial hub, but it also boasts great schools and a bustling restaurant scene. This gem has an average home price of $368,820 and Realtor.com forecasts a price increase of 5.2% next year.

2. San Jose, California

San Jose, California, wins the silver medal as the second-hottest housing market on the list. The popular Silicon Valley city is home to tech superstars like Google, Apple and Facebook, making it an obvious choice for those working in the tech industry. The median home price in San Jose is $1,199,050 and Realtor.com expects that to increase by up to 10.8% in the next 12 months.

1. Sacramento, California

The hottest-of-the-hot, number one spot goes to the housing market in Sacramento, California. Numbers don’t lie, people! The California capital city boasts an average home price of $554k and Realtor.com predicts a price increase of 7.4% in 2021.

Source: https://www.hgtv.com/lifestyle/real-estate/10-hottest-us-housing-markets-pictures