Company Overview

About Us

We've reimagined the traditional notarization process entirely, putting your business needs first with our comprehensive online notary platform.

Boosting Efficiency for Businesses Like Yours.

Originating in 2018, ProNotary has consistently raised the bar, championing the needs of companies across many diverse industries. We believe in the power of technological advancement designed to help your business thrive and that simplifying all of the steps for notarizing documents, from scheduling to signing and securely storing the details of each transaction on one easy-to-use online platform is the key to your success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower businesses by transforming the notarization process, making it easy, efficient and affordable.

Our Vision

The future of notarization isn't just digital. It's personalized, efficient and secure. We're making our state-of-the-art platform accessible to companies in every eligible state, ensuring businesses can easily notarize documents remotely anywhere in the US.